Escovado arr. trumpet in B Flat & piano

A tempo in the range of 84-90 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is recommended for this sunny ensemble piece sounding in the key of Bb. There are some octave transpositions to keep the trumpet in Bb in a convenient range and some of the articulation markings that feature in the original score have been removed or modified to encourage a flowing melody line. The formal pattern used by the composer can be represented by the letters ABACA whilst the repeat signs have been retained in the realisation. Nazareth was an exceptionally gifted pianist and whilst the pianistic influence is understandably strong in his compositions his music which transfers well to other instruments particularly those of the plucked variety. The clarity of line in his musical textures is a strong feature of his compositional style. Escovado was composed in 1905 and dedicated to the composer's younger brother. The title is a common slang term which means smart or cunning and the composition became one of the composer's best known works.

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