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Tico-Tico arr. marimba & acoustic guitar

In this arrangement of Tico-Tico for marimba and acoustic guitar the sounding key is A minor/major and the realization plays back at a tempo of 84 qua Show More...

Added:   15th January, 2020 15:01 PM   |     Views  : 1124    
Downloads  : 0

Norwegian Dance No.2 arr. marimba & acoustic guitar

An arrangement for marimba and acoustic guitar of this charming character piece. This movement is in ABA ternary form with the A section playing back Show More...

Added:   2nd December, 2019 15:12 PM   |     Views  : 984    
Downloads  : 0

Tarantella arr. marimba & acoustic guitar

A tarantella is a fast energetic traditional folk dance in 6/8 time. It has a characteristic upbeat and is associated with strong emotions and passion Show More...

Added:   15th November, 2019 20:11 PM   |     Views  : 998    
Downloads  : 0

Skye Boat Song arr. marimba & guitar

This familiar Scottish folk song begins and ends with a chorus (chorus-verse-chorus) and whilst the song’s text describes the escape of Bonnie Princ Show More...

Added:   7th November, 2018 13:11 PM   |     Views  : 1316    
Downloads  : 0

Czardas arr. marimba & acoustic guitar

A very exciting and dramatic piece of music for audience and performers alike. Technically proficient players play the faster sections more quickly an Show More...

Added:   3rd October, 2018 12:10 PM   |     Views  : 1371    
Downloads  : 0

Al Fresco arr. marimba & guitar

Described as an Intermezzo this is a piece of music intended to change the mood usually having a context in a larger scale work. Dating from the early Show More...

Added:   30th April, 2018 10:04 AM   |     Views  : 1053    
Downloads  : 0

The Easy Winners arr. marimba and acoustic guitar

This is an excellent ensemble piece in that it allows for great flexibility in instrument combinations. In this arrangement marimba and acoustic guita Show More...

Added:   20th November, 2017 11:11 AM   |     Views  : 1058    
Downloads  : 0

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic arr. marimba & acoustic guitar

This very familiar character piece dating from 1907 was originally composed in standard march form but the musical content been rearranged. In this ar Show More...

Added:   27th July, 2017 11:07 AM   |     Views  : 1120    
Downloads  : 1

Brejeiro arr. marimba, acoustic guitar & double bass

Nazareth (1863 -1934) was a Brazilian composer and pianist whose music transcribes very well from the piano to popular contemporary instruments. His c Show More...

Added:   27th July, 2017 11:07 AM   |     Views  : 1170    
Downloads  : 1

Soirée Polka arr. marimba, acoustic guitar & double bass

This arrangement is for marimba , acoustic guitar and acoustic or string bass in staff notation has individual parts appended to the full music score. Show More...

Added:   27th July, 2017 11:07 AM   |     Views  : 1023    
Downloads  : 1