Licence Agreement

•  Subcribers to PlentyMusic have a username and password allowing them to Log in and access the mp3 and pdf resources at

•  Subscribers to PlentyMusic have permission to download sound files and sheet music files from the  website for personal and educational use

•  Subscribers agree not to use the sound file and sheet music resources on the website for commercial purposes or personal financial gain

•  Where PlentyMusic resources are used in public performances please acknowledge in any programme notes

•  Understand that owns the copyrights on all the music available from its website

•  Usernames and passwords need to be kept confidential and secure. If a password has become known to an unauthorised person or has been used in an authorised way contact

•  If a username and password is lost / forgotten please advise the PlentyMusic Office at

•  Should the PlentyMusic Office observe misuse of the services it providesit has the right to suspend a subscription agreement