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Study in Canon No.2 arr. Two Pianos (4 hands)

Composed in the key In the key A minor this movement in ABA ternary form has a haunting beautiful quality. Debussy has created an arrangement which h Read More...

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Study in Canon No. 4 arr. two pianos (4 hands)

The Studies in Canon Opus 56 of Schumann are perfect pieces for the music student because they refer to the past with the chromatic language of the ro Read More...

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Study in Canon No.3 arr. Two Pianos (4 hands)

The music opens and closes with an Andantino section that plays back at 72 quarter note beats to the minute while the section marked poco più mosso p Read More...

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Study in Canon No.6 Opus 56 arr. two pianos

The Debussy arrangements of Schumann’s Studies in Canon for Two Pianos are an exploration of Schumann’s original music from both the spatial and Read More...

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Study in Canon No.1 arr. Two Pianos

A movement with beauty, shape and a sense of space. The imitation principle is understandably strong in this work composed at a time that Schumann was Read More...

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Study in Canon No.5 arr. two pianos

Debussy’s two piano arrangement of Schumann’s original version for pedal piano. The pedal piano was an instrument used by organists as a practice Read More...

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