The Girl with the Flaxen Hair arr. oboe & piano

An arrangement for oboe and piano of this beautiful impressionist piece which dates from 1910 sounding in the key of G. The score for the oboe part is appended to the full score and where the high range of the instrument is to be used an alternative ending is given notated in the ossia staff. The realisation lacks a little subtlety in terms of ebb and flow as far as the tempo is concerned. The best advice is that a performance should not be rushed. Debussy scores contain much score detail and the original French language has been retained in this aspect of the notation. Performers will need to read the music carefully as there are many accidentals in the score attributable to the modal shifts in the writing. Debussy was something of a rule breaker in his approach to composition concerned more with sound rather than process. I would suggest listening to several performances of the piece with different instrument combinations to understand the interpretative options that are possible. Interestingly Debussy in his scores always put his titles at the end of his pieces in his prelude collections.

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