Rondo Alla turca arr. accordion, guitar & bass

This is shortened version of Mozart's Alla turca in an arrangement for a café style type of ensemble comprising accordion, guitar and bass. In the realisation both guitars are electric and if a accordionist is not available then another instrument, at pitch, could be substituted. It should be an easy piece to learn in that it one of the the most immediately recognisable and popular pieces of music in the repetoire. It was Mozart himself who titled the piece Alla turca (Turkish March) as the music was intended to imitate the sounds of the instruments in the then familiar Turkish military bands. Understood to have been composed in 1783, a tempo in the range 100 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is suggested for a café/contintental style type ensemble which is a bit slower than the than recommended. It is a very adaptable piece stylistically and in the repetoire of classical musicians, folk bands, jazz groups and café style ensembles.

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