Sweet Dreams arr. flute & acoustic guitar

An arrangement for flute accompanied by acoustic guitar of this ternary form work (ABA) from Tchaikovsky’s 1878 Album for the Young, Opus 39. It is a melodic movement with a regular phrase requiring a singing legato tone when performed. There are editions where accent markings are placed very generously in the music scores although the music editor suggests that modern instruments with their stronger tone quality do not require such score markings. This is an excellent piece for developing musical memory as repetition is a strong element. The realisation plays back at a tempo of 84 quarter note or crotchet beats to the minute. Whilst described as an improver level piece the guitar player’s part is obviously harder than the flute players. There are three guitar accompaniments available at tempi of (1) 88 (2) 84 and (3) 80 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute.

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Music Accompaniments:

Sweet Dreams guitar key of C 88 bpm 128 kbps
Sweet Dreams guitar key of C 84 bpm 128 kbp
Sweet Dreams guitar key of C 80 bpm 128 kbps

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