The Entertainer arr. two acoustic guitars

In this arrangement one guitarist plays the melody and the other plays the chords. Each player is helped by graphics in the form of guitar TAB and chord diagrams. Chords are played on the main beats of the bar whilst the melody is syncopated. This is a cut down version omitting the final two sections which make up the trio. Described as Rag Time Two Step and composed in 1902, this music is instantly recognisable, which is a disadvantage to any instrumentalist because as a consequence it needs to played both accurately and musically. Ragtime is the first readily identifiable modern popular music in that it has elements and links with popular music that succeeded it. Unfortunately, much ragtime music is played very badly and frequently at too fast a tempo so I would suggest listening to Scott Joplin's own remastered piano rolls to obtain an understanding of the performance style. A tempo of around 72 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is suggested.

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