Santa Lucia arr. mandolin & two acoustic guitars

Santa Lucia has its origins as a Neopolitan song with its lyrics celebrating the outdoor lives of boatmen who lived and worked in the Bay of Naples in what sound to be very happy times. When playing the piece and there are opportunities to slow the tempo at the ends of phrases which is not indicated in the score. The realisation plays back at a tempo of 110 quarter note or crotchet beats to the minute whilst the repeat is not played in the realisation but in performance can be added. The full score is presented with appended parts for the three instrumentalists with appropriate TAB scores and graphics to support the players. A different solo instrument can be substituted for the mandolin if opportunity arises. The music editor would value feedback on how the score is presented and would also appreciate suggestions on how the format could be improved. As this will be a familiar melody to any audience the piece will need to be known thoroughly before any performance!

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