Pieds-en-l’air arr string group

This is an excellent piece for developing legato playing and instrument tone and the arrangement is for violins divided into parts I and II viola and violoncellos. It is also a good test piece because a successful performance requires an awareness of the modal influence that exists in the lines of the music evident in the conflicting accidentals that feature in the score. For a string group to play this piece perfectly in tune is quite a challenge because it requires the participants to be aware of each other’s part and rôle. The time signature is also a bit unusual but think of it as three groups of 3 whilst the tempo of the realization is played at 132 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute. Rhythmically there are one or two moments that need attention particularly in the inner parts and the voice leading is at times quite challenging to follow. Individual string parts are appended to the full music score. Peter Warlock’s career was sadly a short lived one but he did make some important contributions to the repertoire including the Capriol Suite from which this particular movement is taken. He was very interested in folk and Elizabethan music and used the name Warlock as a pseudonym for his composition work. He was a close friend of Delius and also worked as a music journalist using his real name which was Philip Heseltine. Warlock’s particular interest in music was in discovering and exploring the modal quality of English music through its folk song and its Elizabethan vocal music. The Capriol Suite captures what could be described as a neo-Elizabethan idiom and spirit quite perfectly and it is well worth listening to the whole work played in its orchestral arrangement. Warlock’s was in many ways an unfulfilled life but it is evident in both his instrumental and vocal music that he had a quite exceptional musical ear and a true understanding of English music.

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