Traümerie original piano version

Traümerie (Dreaming) was originally a piano work from Robert Schumann's Scenes of Childhood Opus 16 published in 1838. It is a very familiar piece from the romantic repertoire suited to being played by many instruments as a solo accompanied either by the piano or various forms of ensemble. There are wide tempo variations in performances of the work and I would suggest listening to different solo instruments and piano recordings. The challenge in a performance is to combine the beauty of the melody with a beauty of tone of the instrument which is being played with a sense of space and an understanding of the time elements that exist in music. Understandably because this is a piece of music from the romantic repetoire is a very emotional piece of music which can both be communicated well and also on occasions insensitively. It is excellent piece for broadening performing experience where players need to show sensitivity to the acoustic and the the best performances of this work tend not to be rushed. Players need to linger particularly on the dotted quarter notes (crotchets) and pianists will need to make use of the sustaining pedal. The harmonic language is at times quite chromatic with diminished seventh chords featured.

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