Keyboard Sonata in D K.433 (Edited)

This is an edited music score in that it has has some score detail to assist players in their performance and practice. A very appealing keyboard sonata although there are not many recordings of this sonata available. Whilst the composers style is in evidence it is also a work in which a variety of moods are explored. A tempo of 96 half note (mimim) beats to the minute is suggested and used in the realisation. It is a sonata allowing the player to explore options in legato and staccato keyboard articulations. This takes place in the repeat sections. The edited score has articulation and dynamic markings clearly indicated. Interestingly there are interpretations in which the performers improvise around the shapes offering rhythmic variants and something more than just additional ornamentation. This features in the two repeat sections. Observation of how ornaments particularly at cadences are performed suggests that whilst there is a script there is a tendency for performers to become very individual and even extreme in their interpretations.

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