Keyboard Sonata in A K.208 (Edited)

This is an edited music score in that it has has some score detail to assist players in their performance and practice. The melody of this keyboard sonata needs to be played with clarity and a lightness of touch with little use of the sustaining pedal at a secure and steady tempo. A tempo of 60 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is used in the realisation and the repeats are not played. A slow tempo requires a very concentrated approach but does allow much more freedom in terms of the number of notes that can be played in a trill. In a slow movement it is often easier to play more notes in a trill to keep a more balanced rhythmic shape. The left hand chord on beat 4 of bar 13 could be spread although this is not marked in the score. The scores presented by many publishers are actually quite inaccurate particularly in respect to the rhythmic detail at the approaches to the important cadence points. There is the option of considering different and additional ornaments in the repeat playing of the two sections. I would suggest listening to some of the many recordings available of this work to decide on how you might play this work. The music editor found that once the piece had been learnt and was played with discipline it became much easier to play the ornaments with the spontaneity and freedom needed that is needed. Attention needs to be paid to the accidentals. It is very easy to play a wrong note. Best advice the playing of an ornament ultimately comes down to personal preference based on knowledge/familiarity of the musical style and works of the composer. Accept the fact that you may well change your opinion on how an ornament is played based on a "gathering information" approach. Ornaments need to be played on a musical basis rather than an academic one where the latter may end up as simply being an interpretation of mis-understood rules. Performance practice adds a complication in that changing times quite often results in different approaches and interpretations.

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