Keyboard Sonata in A minor K.141 (Edited)

This is an edited music score in that it has has some score detail to assist players in their performance and practice. A familiar AB binary movement described as a toccata which originally were touch pieces intended to be used to tune the instrument but in time they became formalised into movements aimed at developing keyboard technique. Each part of the AB form is further divided into contrasting sections which need to be exploited tonally in a performance. The realisation is played at a tempo of 88 dotted eighth notes (quaver) to the minute and the movement needs to be played with a sense of one to a bar. The sounds of the guitar are imitated in the rolling chords played by the left hand with intervals of the fourth (as a guitar is tuned) and the repeating notes (tremolo) played by the right hand. Whilst the repetitive element is strong the sonata is imbued with modal shifts and figurations imitating Spanish music. It is essential that the right hand fingers are close to the keys and that the left hand spread chords are played percussively. Some limited use of the sustaining pedal (quick quarter pedalling) to give the left hand chords some extra resonance is recommended although no sustaining pedalling has been added in the realisation. It would be wise to listen to different performances of the sonata to understand the different approaches made by players particularly in respect to the weight applied from the hands and the range of articulations used in expressing the musical content. There is some suggested fingering in the edited music score and the sonata first needs to be practiced at slow speeds to ensure accuracy. The ornamentation is straight forward as is usually the case in fast tempo works one although there are choices in respect to the playing of appoggiaturas at the end of sections. The realisation a little rushed at the end of phrases and sections. In the hands of a gifted musician and artist with exceptional technique this can be an exhilerating and quite mesmerising piece. A plain score is also appended to the edited music score.

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