Keyboard Sonata in D minor K.9 (Edited)

This is an edited music score in that it has has some score detail to assist players in their performance and practice. A very beautiful and appealing movement to play and one of Domenico Scarlatti's most popular keyboard sonatas. A tempo of 80 dotted quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is suggested.A consistent approach in terms of tempo is recommended with possibly a slight slowing down at the approach to the cadences of the two main sections. The ornaments are realised symmetrically in the realisation without the subtlety of a performance where a piano/keyboard/harpsichord player might speed up, slow down or even hesitate during the delivery of a trill. A simple and consistent approach to the playing of ornaments is advised particularly in the early stages of learning and internalising the piece. Whilst in some ways this music has some romantic sounding features remember that it is music from the baroque era and should be approached accordingly. A successful performance of this sonata requires both control and delicacy. Tempo is a performance element that in many historical recordings is approached with a combination of indulgence and inconsistency. In bar 37 and bar 38 the ornaments are best played as acciaccatura. (crushed notes). Playing Tip: If in doubt about an ornament miss it out!

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