Keyboard Sonata in E K.380 (Performance)

This performance score has score detail including dynamics, articulation markings and suggested right and left hand fingering. One of the most popular of all Scarlatti's keyboard sonatas requiring particular attention to the rhythmic detail especially the dotted notes. A tempo of 92 quarter note or crotchet beats to the minute is suggested which has been used in the realisation. A lightness of touch is essential even in the loud sections and there is scope for players to explore different keyboard touches, legato, staccato and staccatissimo, in arriving at their own interpretation. Remember that the piece originates as a harpsichord movement so it is important to avoid a too heavy handed approach. The playing of trills especially at cadences at the end of the main sections is a subject in itself - the best advice is to play them rhythmically and consistently. Keep them symetrical and rhythmic and play 4 or 8 note patterns. The characteristic open sounding chords arise because the third is often missing while use of sustaining pedal is recommended. This is an excellent piece to develop the performance aspect of an individual's music making in that it is a movement that one can never tire of playing. In setting the music there are different approaches and options that can be made to beaming, the positioning of the treble and bass clefs and the sharing of notes between the hands. This particular sonata is often played on the guitar and the imitation of the strumming of a guitar is something referenced in t patterns of the keyboard movement.

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