Keyboard Sonata in E K.162 (Performance)

This performance score has score detail including dynamics, articulation markings and suggested right and left hand fingering. A sonata of contrasting sections and contrasting tempi. It is a binary form sonata (AB) but each of the main sections is divided into sections of contrasting tempo and different musical content. The A section of the sonata opens with a melodic sixteen bars that features imitative counterpoint and a triplet figuration which is a strong feature of the movement as a whole. This is succeeded by a slightly faster section again quite melodic before in turn being followed by 12 bars of fast moving two part part counterpoint. The B section opens with a 20 bars of music in the same tempo which introduces some musical development anticipating some of the features found in theis part of the classical sonata. The shape of the music then returns to the character and format of the opening of the sonata closing with a fast two part section mirroring the closing of the A section. The B section as a whole is longer than the A section so the work does not have the symmetry of many of the keyboard sonatas but it does show the composer expanding or at least experimenting with the formal patterns of his music. A light keyboard touch is required and the sustaining pedal should be used at the ends of the main sections. Right and left hand fingering needs to be secure particularly in the fast sections.

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