Keyboard Sonata in D minor K.32 (Realisation)

The realisation score has the score detail included with the ornaments written out as they are sounded in the realisation. It is simply a WYSIWYH (what you see is what you hear) version often in a reduced format. This is a reflective keyboard sonata played at a slow tempo and is described as an aria which is a word for song. Understandably the melody needs to be articulated as if it is being sung. The realisation does lack the flexibility of a performance and has the repeats played although it is only in the repeat section that the ornaments are sounded. I would suggest in the early stages of learning the piece that a player adopts a similar approach. Understand that the main ornament in the movement is a short trill of 4 short notes beginning on the upper note. The trill symbol has been used at the two main cadential points giving the player scope to increase the number of notes although the trill still begins on the upper note. As a piece with a slow tempo it invites some reinvention in terms of the ornamentation and it would be well worth listening to some of the available recordings to understand how to approach this aspect of a performance. It is a sonata with scope for a performer to improvise. No pedalling has been written into the score although some use of it is recommended. Many performers spread some of the chords in the left hand to imitate the strumming sound a guitar. This choice of playing the chords iin this way is left to the discretion of the player.

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