Keyboard Sonata in D K.178 (Realisation)

The realisation score has the score detail included with the ornaments written out as they are sounded in the realisation. It is simply a WYSIWYH (what you see is what you hear) version often in a reduced format. A tempo of 84 dotted quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is recommended and is also used in the realisation.There is opportunity for both staccato and legato playing in what is a relatively short and easy keyboard sonata which is also often played on the guitar. The ornamentation comprises a short 4 note trill with a variant on featuring at the cadences at the close of the A & B sections. The repeat is not played in the realisation. The concise movement features imitative counterpoint. The performance score has suggested fingering notated above and below the notes although the the music editor is keen to hear where fingering is best placed – above and below the notes in the treble and bass clefs or actually by the side of the note in the respected staves?

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