Keyboard Sonata in A K.322 (Realisation)

The realisation score has the score detail included with the ornaments written out as they are sounded in the realisation. It's simply a WYSIWYH (what you see is what you hear) version often in a reduced format. One of Scarlatti's easier keyboard sonatas but nevertheless one that offers plenty of musical and interpretative challenges to the player. It is essentially a two part movement. A tempo of 90 half note beats to the minute is used in the realisation with the repeats not being played. This music needs to be played rhythmically with energy and little use of the sustaining pedal although it can be used in the closing bars of the A and B sections. This is an excellent movement for developing a skill set in terms of being able to articulate the playing of a melody line with a range of articulations - legato, staccato, tenuto etc. Whilst many performers rit. (slow down) at the end of the A and B sections even though they are then repeated the music editor doesn't recommend this . This sonata like many other Scarlatti works is excellent for developing interpretative skills and performance experience. Varying and adding to the ornamentation in the repeats is an option. Many very competent pianists play this relatively easy sonata and some performers add quite a deal of additional music to the to the texture which is not always in keeping with the style and simplicity of the piece. Nevertheless, it does educate modern players in being aware that in Scarlatti's time improvisation was a relevant aspect of performance practice.

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