Keyboard Sonata in F minor K.519 (Realisation)

The realisation score has the score detail included with the ornaments written out as they are sounded in the realisation. It is simply a WYSIWYH (what you see is what you hear) version often in a reduced format. The sonata needs to be played with a one in a bar feel. A tempo of 96 dotted quarter notes (crotchets) is used in the realisation. Ornaments need to have a clear rhythmic shape with the main ornament being the 4 note mordent beginning on the upper note. There is no consistency amongst performers in terms of when and how the ornaments are played in many of Scarlatti sonatas and the same is true of this one. The additional ornaments that features in the inner parts of bars 97, 101, 105, 108, 112 and 116 maybe omitted particularly when learning the sonata. It is probably best to avoid playing the repeats when learning this piece and many Scarlatti sonatas are in fact performed without all the repeats being played. Changing the finger used on a repeating note is a technique that can be applied in the left hand. A very light touch is required to play the movement at a tempo which allows the intensity of the music to come alive. There are times when the left hand is playing staccato and the right hand legato and other times when both hands are playing staccato. Whilst texturally quite straight forward this is a demanding sonata to play requiring a secure technique, control with the fingers close to the keys.

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