Keyboard Sonata in B Flat K.545

This is a plain score version in that it has minimal score detail characteristic of music printed and published from the baroque era. A tempo of 120 half note (minim beats) to the minute is recommended for playing this movement. Imitation is a strong feature and a lightness of touch is required in the playing approach dictated essentially by the fast tempo. The music lines are rhythmically quite intricate and there is an additional challenge in achieving a satisfactory dynamic balance between the two hands. Some use of the sustaining is suggested at bar 10 and additionally when there are long bass notes although no pedal markings are indicated in the score. The playing of a rit.(slowing down) at the end of the end of the two sections does not seem appropriate in a performance. The modal shifts that feature in the melody line and the rhythmic detail suggests references to the music of Spain. The challenge in playing this keyboard sonata is to articulate every note clearly at the suggested tempo.

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