Keyboard Sonata in D K.491

This is a plain score version in that it has minimal score detail characteristic of music printed and published from the baroque era. This is a rather grand movement featuring strong rhythmic shapes that need to be delivered with clarity of intention and accurate octave playing in the left hand. A tempo of 96 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is suggested. In the performance score 64th notes (hemidemisemiquaver) have been used in the notation of the opening and other ornaments to give more clarity about the rhythmic shapes. The opening ornament is not always played as shown in the performance score. The appoggiaturas as in bar 19 need to be played quickly whilst the ornaments in bar 20 and 21 can be played either as acciaccaturas or appoggiaturas but not a combination of both. The long trill could possibly be longer possibly by another beat perhaps? In the early stages of learning this sonata the music editor suggests missing out the ornaments. Attention needs to be paid to the rhythmic detail and a successful performance requires the tonal contrasts of the phrases and sections be exploited. Many performers also experiment with the octave ranges of the piano when performing this sonata. The spacial aspect of the musical content is also something that can be explored both in relationship to the musical ideas between the two hands and also in relation to the acoustic in which the sonata is being performed. Tip: Performance scores are on the busy side in having much too much information that distracts from the music. They are a necessary and useful evil - discard them as soon as you are able and use a plain score.

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