Keyboard Sonata in D minor K.1

This is a plain score version in that it has minimal score detail chararcteristic of scores from this period in music history. A two part (AB) movement with essentially a two part texture. The imitatative counterpoint that features in this movement demands a combination of accuracy with a lightness of touch. A tempo of 110 quarter note (crotchet beats) to the minute is suggested and used in the realisation although the repeats are not played. A light staccatissimo touch is suggested and there should be minimal use of the sustaining pedal. Staccatissimo playing on the piano is a technique whereby the fingers imitate a plucking approach to the playing of the keys. Staccatissimo notes when they are played are indicated throughout the score. It is important that the left hand is held above the right hand in bars 7/8, bar 11 and bar 17 to enable the notes to be correctly articulated. Ornaments start on the upper note and in fast tempo works are best played simply and rhythmically. The Bar 3 ornament can be 4 or 8 notes – I would suggest starting with 4. There is great symmetry in the Scarlatti keyboard sonatas and formally they are very balanced works. Ornamentation should in the editor’s view reflect these characteristics. Playing Tip: If your fingers don’t have time to play the ornaments when learning the piece leave them out and add them at a later stage.

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