Celibrated Minuet for piano

One of the most familiar pieces of the classical repetoire composed by the Italian composer, Luigi Boccherini. The work originated as part of his string quintet Opus 11 No.5. In this arrangement the musical texture has been simplified into three parts - melody, harmonic/chord accompaniment and bass. This is an excellent and concise movement for any musician needing to have a clear understanding of classical style and the structure of the classical minuet. The realisation has all the indicated repeats played except in the repeat of the minuet when the convention is for them not to be played. The formal pattern or shape can be represented as Minuet AABB Trio AABB Minuet AB. The Trio is a second minuet and described thus because it generally has a three part texture. There is a considerable amount of score detail, including fingering, in the prepared score and the ornaments have been written out in full, in an ossia staff, to assist players. This movement requires a performance that is both delicate and consistent which can be challenging to players not very experienced in playing music of the period. A tempo of 100 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is recommended.

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