The Spanish composer Manuel de Falla composed his Canción in 1900. An intermediatelevel piano solo it is a jewel of the 20th century Spanish piano repertoire. Canción is composition for piano in triple time dating from 1900. The opening bars are quite reminiscent of Satie’s music. In a very short space of time the composer takes the player on a simply amazing harmonic and musical journey. Manuel de Falla is widely considered to be the greatest 20th century Spanish composer. The piece is an exploration of a melody in different modalities, textures and styles. The use of the sustaining pedal is indicated in the opening bars of the sheet music score and then the pattern is continued. Pianists should be aiming for a legato touch and there are some subtle changes of tempo to manage particularly at the end of phrases. The Animando e cresc section should be started at the beginning of bar 21.

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