Adiós A Cuba (Farewell to Cuba) piano solo in A minor

Adiós A Cuba (Farewell to Cuba) is one of Ignacio Cervantes most popular works. This arrangement from PlentyMusic is for solo piano with the music transposed to the key of A minor. It features many of the rhythmic patterns characteristic of Cuban music. It is an excellent movement to encourage rhythmic accuracy and developing a sense and awareness of pulse in ensemble music making. The rhythmic shapes need to be possibly learnt and made secure by being clapped/tapped. In the opening section with the strong repetitive element players should be aiming at tonal and dynamic contrast in their playing of the repeating motif. There are some idiomatic rhythmic shapes in the writing whilst the musical texture lends itself to being very suitable for arrangement as an ensemble piece. This is music that features modal shifts and elements of chromaticism. The realisation plays back at 60 quarter note beats to the minute. This is music that allows for subtle tempo changes in performance whether it be speeding up, slowing down or returning to an “a tempo” marking. Whilst rits. or slowing down feature in the realisation the accelerando though marked is ignored. There is an opportunity to perhaps to included pauses in the music at bars 17 and 33 although they are not indicated in the scores. In the video score the instrument parts are notated at written pitch. Ignacio Cervantes was born in Havana, Cuba and this is one of his most popular pieces and melancholy in character. The habanera rhythmic pattern features strongly in the music of the composer who mostly composed for the piano. His piano pieces tend to be quite short but are idiomatic and imbued with the colours and rhythms of his home country.

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