Second Movement Rondo from Sonatina in G (Edited)

The movement is an improverlevel work and excellent for developing a secure and reliable keyboard technique. Dussek a Czech composer contributed much fine music to the piano repertoire. This short movement is described as a rondo in the tempo of a minuet. The first and last main sections are in G major whilst the middle section is in the tonic minor: G minor. A tempo of 50 dotted quarter notes (crotchet) beats to the minute is used in the realisation. Allegretto would be the most appropriate tempo marking. The articulation markings familiar in older editions of this movement frequently include staccato, tenuto and accents in their score detail. Understanding that the thinner toned pianos of earlier times possibly required more exaggerated playing to communicate the musical ideas. The music editor prefers a more minimalist approach as far as indicating score detail particularly in respect to note articulations. The best advice is always to mark your own music copy of the score from knowledge of playing the music score, listening to performances and possibly from a music lesson or two. Generally, in music of this style and period it is a legato keyboard touch that should be encouraged. Exaggerated playing particularly on modern instruments should be avoided. Dussek was a Czech composer and like Beethoven is a transition figure linking the classical period to the romantic in a music history context. Dussek himself was a widely travelled piano virtuoso and was the first pianist to sit with his profile to the audience as is the practice in modern piano recitals. The chromaticism in this movement does suggest a more romantic approach than classical. Dusssek is important too for encouraging the extension of the range of the piano to the 6-octave range and introducing pedal markings in the writing of piano music. He also composed much fine music for the harp.The plain score is available as a free score from PlentyMusic whilst an edited music score is available for 1 credit from PlentyMusic.

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