Thirds Left Hand Technical Drill

Technical Drill Left Hand Thirds: The letter names of the notes can be seen in the note heads which will helpful in learning the note positions in this chromatic exercise. Why practice thirds? To strengthen the fingers - particularly the weaker 4th and 5th fingers. Practicing thirds is a very good way to develop legato playing. Thirds have a context in performance pieces and musical composition in general. Tips: Keep the fingers near to the keys. Understand: Imagine the weight of the hand goes downwards through the fingers and to the keys. How to practice: The play back tempo is 100 quarter notes beats to the minute but do not be afraid to start at a slower tempo. Play the right hand and left hand separately starting in different octave ranges of the keyboard or piano. If the fingers and hands get tense - stop! Relax the hands and arms by your side and start again. Aim for legato playing (smooth - no gaps) and keep to the specified fingering. Remember: that for both the left hand and right hand fingering is the same in piano playing thumb = 1, index = 2, middle = 3, ring = 4 and 5 = the little finger. Further Study: When you are confident with what you extend the exercise and give more work to the weaker fingers. Develop some rhythmic variants of the patterns. You can always record and send them as an an mp3 to PlentyMusic and these can perhaps be shared. Listen: Composers such as Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninov and Kapustin have explored the intervals of a third in technical studies known as Etudes which exist as important and often challenging repertoire for the pianist.

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