Keyboard Sonata in D minor K.417

The Keyboard Sonata in D minor K.417 is a Fuga and can be performed on either the harpsichord, organ or piano and is believed to date from 1754. It is composed in a style that refences the past and the notation in long notes imitates the style of writing associated particularly with the polyphonic lines of church music. It has some beautiful soaring lines and is a great piece of music for both the player and listener. Domenico Scarlatti did not compose many fugues and whilst he worked in relative isolation his compositional approach anticipates and looks to the future rather than the past. His father, Alessandro was the one more inclined to compose fugues. The organ realisation plays back at 84 half note beats to the minute. Domenico Scarlatti although born in Italy spent most of his working life employed by the Royal Courts in Portugal and Spain working as a musician, composer and teacher particularly of members of the royal household. His contribution to the repertoire are his 550+ keyboard sonata most of which are very inventive pieces in AB binary form. Little of his music was published in his own lifetime.

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