Duet No.2 in F BWV 803 (Piano)

The Duet in F BWV 803 was published in 1739 being one of 4 Duettos. The sheet music copy available from the PlentyMusic website has suggested fingering in place and the cadential ornamentation is written out. The second duet in F major BWV 803 is a fugue written in the form of a da capo aria ABA. The 4 Duets are part of Clavier-Übung III or the German Organ Mass and composed really at the zenith of the composer’s contrapuntal writing. The edited music score has suggested fingering in place which should serve as a useful guide in the first instance. The music editor’s concept is that once familiarised with the movement players will default to the plain score perhaps substituting their own choice of fingering when they feel it is appropriate.The tempo of the piano realisation and video score is 96 quarter note beats (crotchet) beats to the minute. A piece when played on the piano with energy and purpose that really can/does come alive. This is quite stunning contrapuntal music composed when J.S. Bach was at the top of his form. A very delicate almost paintbrush stoke is required particularly in the B section but an awareness of how to use weight in the hands is also most applicable in the A section. It is becoming one of the music editors most absorbing pieces to play and listen to simply because it explores so many aspects of articulation and performance and yet the conception is in just two parts. Pianists need to have a Lightness in the hands and touch needs to be explored at all times.

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