Spanish Dance No. 2 Opus 12 arr. solo piano

In this arrangement for solo piano of Moszkowski’s Spanish Dance No. 2 Opus 12 (by the composer) the realisation plays back at 135 quarter note (crotchet) beats a minute in the first and last A section and 144 in the middle B section. The first section could be played at a slower or quicker tempo and likewise the middle section. The movement needs to be played with a one in a bar feel and features the triplet figuration that is so characteristic of Spanish music. Players should endeavour to communicate the charm and intimacy of the music whilst the melody and accompaniment need to be articulated with clarity and consistency. The movement is in ABA ternary form and has a regular 8 bar phrase structure. In fact each of the main sections are in ternary form so analysis of the movement reveals a structure that can be represented as A (a b a) B (c d c) A (a b a). Octave transpositions are in place where appropriate and chord voicings in the accompaniment have been occasionally edited. Tempo rubato is something that can be embraced in a performance but has not been used in the realisation and playback. Similarly, the sustaining pedal can be used although its use is not indicated in the sheet music score. The slowing downs that feature at the end of phrases are also not marked in the score. This is music intended for performance in the early 20th century drawing room. This colourful movement exists in several chamber and orchestral arrangements. Moszkowski is a composer whose brilliant piano pieces in particular are worthy of attention although much of the music is technically very challenging.

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