Second Movement: Adagio from Concerto in D minor BWV 794 Piano

This is J.S. Bach’s transcription of the second movement from A. Marcello’s oboe concerto. Bach was a great copier of music often making it suitable for performance on the organ. This is a keyboard arrangement of an oboe concerto attributed to the Venetian composer A. Marcello although Bach understood it to be a work by Vivaldi. J.S.Bach’s arrangement dates from 1715. It is work that is can be performed on the piano, organ and harpsichord. Careful reading of the score is required because of the numerous accidentals and the rhythmic accuracy that is required to play this movement as notated. The eighth note chordal accompaniment is very helpful in assisting accurate positioning of the notes. Playing a slow movement in a sustained and controlled way is a challenge and requires a different intensity than playing a movement in a moderate tempo. The realisation or video plays back at a tempo of 63 eighth note (quaver) beats to the minute although a tempo range from 60 to 66 eighth (quaver) notes to the minute is appropriate for the movement. and the ornaments are written out in full so what you see in the score is exactly what you hear. The sheet music music available from the PlentyMusic website has the symbols for the ornaments in place which understandably gives the score more visual clarity. The ornament markings in the sheet music score can be cross referenced with the video score and obviously with other recordings of the work. Players may wish to review the use of ornaments in the light of their own listening and study. Ornaments need to played rhythmically with clarity and consistency. There are a number of different ornaments that feature in the score. The music editor suggests omitting the ornaments win the early stages of learning the movement. The ornamentation in the realisation reflects current performance practice. The movement ends with a Tierce de Picardy aka a Picardy third. This is essentially refers to the use of a major chord at the end of a piece in the minor key.

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