Second Movement: Andante from Sonatina in C Opus 20 No.1

The second movement Andante from Kuhlau’s Sonatina in C is an intermediate level piano solo and an excellent piece to play for those seeking to develop their legato playing in the context of a slow movement. Playing a slow movement does require emotional range and they are often more difficult to play than musicians imagine when compared to say a minuet and trio and a moderate tempo. This slow movement needs to be played with a clear awareness of the 6/8 timing which needs to be communicated in the playing. The rhythmic detail requires particular attention whilst the melody clearly needs to sing out over the accompaniment. The repeats are played in the realisation. The use of the piano sustaining pedal is recommended and has been notated in just the first line of the sheet music score although its use is required for the whole movement. The convention when playing a repeated note in classical music is often to change the finger used and keyboard players may wish to develop this technique in this movement. A plain score is appended to the edited sheet music score enabling players to edit in their own choice of fingering and pedal markings.

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