Frankie and Johnnie arr. improver level piano

Frankie and Johnnie is an improver level piano solo exploring the 12 bar blues in a swing style requiring it to be played with a triplet feel. The convention as far as notating swing rhythm can vary and be confusing. Listen to the realisation score and understand the conventions involved in the notation of the rhythmic shapes. The original text of the song is about jealousy and murder and likely to be in part true. There are hundreds of recordings of the song representing a great range of musical styles. The realisation plays back at 120 dotted quarter (crotchet) beats to the minute although the closing section is played at a slightly slower tempo. The music needs to be played in a relaxed manner and there is opportunity to explore the articulation of the melody notes. The best advice when playing this type of music is to essentially make a performance your own.

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