Second Movement Vivace from Piano Sonatina in C major Opus 55 No.1

This is a short concentrated movement having a lightness of mood often associated with final movements of musical works in the classical period. The melodic material is both appealing and chromatic scale passages can be described as transition preparing the way for a return to the opening theme. The final 12 bars can be described as a coda or closing section. The realization plays back at a tempo of 80 dotted quarter notes beats (dotted crotchet) to the minute. A lightness in the hands is essential to play this music at tempo. As an adult player revisiting a student piece it becomes much clearer what two techniques need to be practiced in order to become a competent keyboard player. Firstly, thumb under technique and fourth finger over technique (encouraged by practice of scales). Secondly, changing the finger on a repeating note encourages a lightness in the hands when playing music at this tempo. There is an edited sheet music score available which has suggested fingering available as a free score from the PlentyMusic website. A plain sheet music score is also appended. This particular movement is also excellent for exploring the full range of the piano. Friedrich Kuhlau (1786 – 1832) was a Danish composer and pianist of the late Classical and early Romantic time who along with a group of composers that includes Muzio Clementi (1752 -1832), Jan L. Dussek (1760 – 1812) and others produced piano music that is has become valued repertoire for the developing pianist and much of it has been used for teaching purposes.

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