Keyboard Sonata in D R.84

This is a stunning piece and often played as an encore. There are many fine performances of this work some of them taken at speeds that could be described as frightening. For the sake of clarity in communication the sheet music score is the same as the realisation or playback score. A plain score is also appended to the edited music score. This work needs to be played with the fingers close to the keys control and a light touch as many notes are played staccatissimo and the changing fingers on a note technique will need to be used. Where appropriate look for opportunities to use sequential fingering. The cadences can and should be played with more fluidity than is demonstrated in the realisation particularly if additional ornaments are added in the repeats. A tempo of 76 dotted quarter notes to the minute is used in the realisation and the work should be played with a one in the bar feel. If you can manage a tempo of 80 dotted quarter notes to the minute then music does really come alive The advice on playing the ornaments is to be consistent, maintain rhythmic symmetry and explore options in the repeat sections. The music editor has yet to find two performers who have the same or at least a similar approach to the playing of the ornaments and suggests that players should listen to various performances of the work. Padre Antonio Soler was a Spanish Catalan composer whose work belongs to the late Baroque and early Classical times. His best known works are his one movement sonatas which show the influenced by Domenico Scarlatti. Soler also took Holy Orders in his early 20’s and working at the monastery known as EL Escorial near to Madrid in Spain combining his duties as a monk with composition and teaching. His music was catalogued by Rubio early in the 20th century. This music is played on the harpsichord and piano whilst there are arrangements of this sonata for the harp and classical guitar.

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