Piccolo Valzer

Puccini’s Piccolo Valzer dates from 1894 and but was revisited by the composer becoming Musetta’s Waltz “Quando me n’vo” in Act II of the opera “La Boheme.” It is interesting to play this waltz melody as a piano piece and the music editor suggests a Moderato tempo rather than Lento. The composer was inspired to write the work after a boat trip fishing on the lake close to his home. The playing instruction con ondulazione is a reference to ripples on the water. Pianists need to avoid playing with too heavy a touch and the sustaining pedal needs to be used or else the playing may sound on the lumpy side. This is marked in the sheet music score and be ready for some rather quick pedalling changes. The realisation plays at 94 quarter note beats to the minute. There is opportunity for the music to ebb and flow in respect to the tempo and the tempo rubato is a reference to this type of playing. There is some wonderful harmonic writing in this ternary form ABA work but avoid any exaggerated playing and aim to communicate the simplicity and beauty of the melody.

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