Keyboard Sonata in G Minor (C.61)

Domenico Cimarosa 1749-1801 was an Italian composer who whilst a widely travelled musician belongs to the Neapolitan (Naples) school and he is remembered particularly for his operas. His keyboard music is played on both the piano and the harpsichord and several pieces in more recent times have been transcribed for the classical guitar. The movement marked Adagio ma non troppo requires a legato touch while the realisation plays at a steady 42 quarter (crotchet) beats to the minute. The score has been prepared for performance on a piano and the ossia stave has an interpretation provided for the playing of the ornaments in bar 2 although there is option to modify these suggestions which possibly lack some rhythmic flexibility. The repeat of the ornaments in bar 15 should be played as in bar 2. Keyboard players need to have a keen awareness of the eighth note or quaver pulse when they are playing. The repetitive element in the music is strong whilst there is the opportunity to linger at the end of phrases but any exaggeration of the music whether in respect to rhythm, dynamic and melody needs to be avoided. The keyboard sonatas attributed to Cimarosa are short one movement works and any groupings of works in the same key found in recordings are editorial. They are works with appeal and consistent in their quality. The composer’s music is deserving of more attention and the keyboard sonatas are excellent performance pieces. A plain music score is appended to the edited music score.

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