Sonata in D for Keyboard/Piano

The Sonata in D by Mateo Albéniz is a binary form (AB) work that is essentially in 6/8 but explores the characteristic 3/4 v 6/8 rhythmic shapes of Spanish music. Often these are explored in adjoining bars and sometimes even in the same bar. It is music of joy and energy more baroque than classical as one would expect from a composer working at a distance from the main centres of European music. As a piano piece it does have something of the lightness of a Mozart movement but coloured with reference to the phyrgian mode that help give the music its Spanish character. The music editor prefers a consistent approach to the playing of the ornaments which have been written out in full in the score and a lightness of touch is essential if rhythmic accuracy is to be communicated. The realisation plays at a tempo of 124 dotted quarter (crotchet) notes to the minute and the repeats are played. Some score detail in respect to phrasing has been indicated in the edited music score whilst a plain score is also attached enabling to add score details as they wish. There are one or two alternative options indicated by the ossia staves and they are in place essentially to draw awareness to inconsistencies that exist in the score. In addition, the music editor could suggest that bars 9 and 13 be mirrored in the closing section at bar 85 and 90 although pianists play the music as notated in the score. Sometimes the left hand is required to play notes that have been notated in the treble clef. Keyboard players who do their listening research will discover that there are options as far as adding additional ornaments in their performances which is perfectly permissible in the repeat sections. Again as in most music of this time it is difficult to find two performers approaching the playing of ornaments in the same way. There are versions of this music for classical guitar and also harp.

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