Off To California arr. piano solo in G (Vamped Chords)

The hornpipe is found in the folk music of England, Scotland and Ireland and has a traditional association with sailors in that dancing was used on long sea journeys to keep them fit. Hornpipes are usually associated with other hornpipes in a performance context in what is described as a dance set. Most folk music is played from memory and both memory and ensemble playing should be encouraged. The realisation of this version with vamped chords as the accompaniment plays at 132 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute and the hornpipe is in AB (Binary) form. The music needs to be played with a triplet feel as demonstrated in the realisation. The repeats are not played in the realisation and there is no ornamentation of the melodic line in this version which has vamped chords to accompany the melody. Folk music scores are generally presented with minimal score detail although there is some suggested fingering for the player. Understand that the playing of ornaments whilst relevant in repetitive music of this kind requires a special study and is governed by the instrument being played, the music tradition being represented and sometimes geography/locality. A study of ornamentation in folk music the music editor suggests is not for the faint-hearted! There are also examples of hornpipes in baroque music including Handel’s Water Music.

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