Variations on the Song “I slept, I dreamed”

A theme and 10 variations selected from the set of twenty four published 1770. The writing suggests the music was intended for both the harpsichord and fortepiano. The editor has selected variations particularly appropriate to the development of piano technique and has avoided including variations which are more baroque in character and suited to being played on the harpsichord. The musical content is both charming and appealing, well suited to developing technical skills and musical memory. The tempo of the theme is played at 76 quarter notes to the minute and generally, the tempo of the variations remains the same with the minor variation possibly played a little slower. The ornamentation is straight forward and the sheet music score has ossia staves with some of the ornaments written out in full. No pedal markings have been notated in the score although some use of the sustaining pedal may be used. This is excellent music for developing keyboard technique and the music editor is surprised that the movement is not more widely known. The German title for this music is Variationen über das lied "ich schlief, da träumte mir”.

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