Serenade (Petite Suite) arr. intermediate piano

Borodin was clearly quite an exceptional person known as a doctor and chemist as well as being a member of the Russian group of composers known and popularized as the “Mighty Handful.” His interest in music was essentially as a hobby but he was very well connected in Russian musical circles and his “Serenade” from the “Petite Suite” was published in 1896. The ostinato pattern that features in the work is an excellent unifying element in the composition and the strong melodic element in this miniature explores quite a melodic range. A tempo of 60 dotted quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute is used in the realization. The music editor suggests use of the piano sustaining pedal although this has not been marked in the score. Pianists and keyboard players will need to spend time analysing the musical texture to understand which notes belong to which musical line of which there are three - melody, harmony and an ostinato accompaniment. This is a simplified version in the original key of B flat minor.

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