First Movement from Sonata in A minor

A piece that possesses a haunting beauty written by a composer who knew C. P. E. Bach and who in 1794 settled in Moscow. Described as a sonata there are recordings featuring both the harpsichord and the piano. A tempo of 80 quarter note beats to the minute has been used in the realisation although the tempo needs to slow down at the approach to cadences. Quite clearly it is impossible to evidence how this music was performed in its own day but the structure would suggest that there would be tempo variations between the sections. The opening 8 bar phrase is repeated three times exploring the range of the instrument before the first of several quasi fantasia / cadenza sections which express music a different mood and benefit from being played at a slightly slower tempo. Performance conventions and articulations clearly differ between the piano and the harpsichord and the music editor suggests listening to different recordings and possibly adding some appropriate ornamentation at the cadences which provide the sectional framework for the structure of the piece. There are ossia staves to clarify some notation issues and provide suggested solutions to the playing of the ornaments. The passage work is at times exquisite and both musically and pianistically anticipates the compositional techniques adopted by later composers. The repeats are not played in the realisation

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