Dedicatoria arr. English horn & piano

A short but quite charming piece from the composer's Opus 1 collection. In this arrangement for English horn (Cor Anglais) accompanied by piano, the tempo of the realisation is 62 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute although there are some slowing downs and speedings up in the performance. As the piece is quite short only the full score copy is available as a download with the English horn part appropriately transposed. The melody needs to be played in a legato singing style whilst the score needs to be studied so that the rhythmic intention of bars 9 and 11 is clearly understood by players. The melodic line in bars 10 and 12 needs to played as if as it is independent of the triplet figuration in the accompaniment. Understand that the music is conceived in three/sometimes four voices and dates from the late romantic period commonly referred to as the nationalist period in music history.

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