Mi Teresita (Little Waltz) arr. English horn & piano

Teresa Carreño 1853 – 1917 was a Venezuelan concert pianist and composer whose career spanned a period of 54 years. Known for her powerful and spirited playing she earned the title from her Berlin years as the “Valkyrie of the piano.” She was closely associated with the music of Edward MacDowell, a pupil, premiering several of his works and also the music of Amy Beach. She lived in the USA and Berlin which became her base for her years in Europe. Her schedule of concerts and the longevity of her career suggests that she was very hard working. A superb player of octaves she possessed a powerful tone and great strength. She travelled widely performing in Europe including the Henry Wood Proms, USA and Australia. Henry Wood wrote that "It is difficult to express adequately what all musicians felt about this great woman who looked like a queen among pianists - and played like a goddess.” She must indeed have been a larger than life character because over 100 years after her death her legacy remains strong and there are player piano recordings of her work available. “Mi Teresita” (Little Waltz ) composed in 1885 for her daughter Teresita was one of her most popular pieces during her lifetime and often performed as an encore at her own concerts. In this arrangement for English horn accompanied by the piano sounding in the key of F, soloists should be aiming for a beautiful legato and focusing on the tonal quality of their playing. The movement should not be played too quickly and there is a captivating closing section. The considerable range of dynamics also needs to be explored in a performance. Rubato is an aspect of the performance that players can consider although it is not featured in the realization. The melody is reminiscent of something that might feature in a music box and it is a pity that a lilting quality isn’t quite represented in the realization. An English horn part appropriately transposed is appended to the full score. Piano accompaniments are also available for download in mp3 format at tempi of Accompaniment (1) 128 Accompaniment (2) 124 and Accompaniment (3) 120 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute.

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Mi Teresita piano key of F 128 bpm 128 kbps
Mi Teresita piano key of F 124 bpm 128 kbps
Mi Teresita piano key of F 120 bpm 128 kbps

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