Nel cor più non mi sento arr. English horn & piano

Paisiello was known as an opera composer and his best known melody “Nel cor più mi sento” is from his opera La Molinara. Beethoven used the melody as a theme for a set of piano variations in his Works without opus number 70 (WoO70). Paisiello became a Naples based composer contemporary with Cimararosa and Piccini although he was always very jealous of any rivals work wherever he worked and this included Paris, for Napoleon and St. Petersburg for Catherine II. Naples in the 18th and early 19th century was an important musical centre with the San Carlo Opera Theatre opening in 1737. There are many tunes from the past that are worthy of being re-discovered and this arrangement is intended for improver level instrumentalists. Bar 26 has been re written as a 9/8 bar simply to clarify how the ornaments should be played. The realisation plays back at a tempo of 54 dotted quarter note beats (crotchet) to the minute and accompaniments are available at this and two other tempi (1 = 56, 2 = 54 and 3 = 52 dotted quarter note beats to the bar). The repeat is not played in the playback score but is in the accompaniment track. The Italian term Adagio has been used to describe the tempo in the sheet music scores. Note that the pause markings are ignored in the accompaniments but for those musicians playing with a pianist there is an opportunity to pause on the indicated sheet music markings and even create a break in the music. The movement does need to be played with a clear sense of pulse and rhythmic awareness whilst ornaments need to be played with rhythmic clarity. Aspiring composers may well be challenged to compose some variations as a composition study. You are always welcome to send a copy of your work to the PlentyMusic office for an opinion! This piece of music can competently played by an improver level student and is suited to being played by most instruments. The music editor also suggests listening to performances by singers who often approach the repeat with great freedom and further embellish the music. This is not necessarily to imitate but to learn about how to perform music. The advice to any young performer is to always have the confidence to make the piece your own. The accompanist also has the option of experimenting with the articulations particularly if the intention is to create the sound of pizzicato strings. An English horn part appropriately transposed is appended to the full score.

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Nel cor piu mi sento piano key of G 56 bpm 256kbps
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Nel cor piu mi sento piano key of G 52 bpm 256kbps

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