El Choclo arr. accordion, acoustic guitar & double bass

This very popular tango dates from 1903. The English translation of El Choclo is the The Ear of Corn. A tempo of 62-66 quarter note (crotchet) notes to the minute is recommended. The ornaments should possibly not be included in a performance until the piece is being played accurately and securely. Guitarists have the option of changing the chord positions on the fretboard to change the chord voicing and improve the ensemble. The double bass is to be played pizzicato throughout the arrangement and can be substituted by bass guitar or an acoustic bass guitar. An adapable piece this movement exists in arrangements for solo instruments , various duos, cafe style groups and orchestra. The sound of the accordion is usually represented by the bandoneon in Argentina which is a type of concertina. It is a title well worth exploing in search engines to both see and hear the results.

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