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Second Movement Adagio from the Sonata for Piano duet in B Flat K.358.

The Second Movement: Adagio from W.A. Mozart’s Sonata for Piano duet in Bb K.358 is an intermediate level piano duet. The Sonata, composed in the period 1773-74 in Salzburg was most probably intended to played by Mozart and his older sister, Nannerl. The realisation score plays back at a tempo of 58 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute. The first repeat is usually played in a performance whilst the second indicated in the sheet music score is usually omitted. Pianists and keyboard players do need to approach the work with a lightness of touch in their hands. When playing the movement as part of an ensemble one of the performing challenges is to maintain clarity in the texture and to communicate the melodic ideas and how these are shared between the players. Whilst not indicated in the score minimal use of the sustaining pedal is suggested. The octave playing in the Secondo part needs careful practice and occasional use of the fourth finger is also suggested for this particular passage. The trills particularly in the Primo part when they are played by both hands also require attention. No repeats are played in the realization. The challenge when playing Mozart is actually to make it sound like Mozart with a lightness of touch and beauty of sound. The SECONDO mp3 sound files can be downloaded from this page as mp3 “accompaniments” enabling players to enjoy an ensemble music experience playing the Primo part. These accompaniment sound files have the first repeat marked in the score played. Accompaniment 1 plays at 54 half note (minim) beats to the minute, Accompaniment 2 plays at 56 half note (minim) beats to the minute and Accompaniment 3 at 58 half note (minim) beats to the minute. If you wish to play the Secondo part then you need to find the page on the website which allows you to download the Primo accompaniments. A useful tip when playing music in a performance context is to print the music two pages of music on to one A4 sheet.

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