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Neapolitan Song arr. flute & acoustic guitar

This is an improver level arrangement for flute and guitar of Tchaikovsky’s Neapolitan Dance familiar as a theme from one of the dances in Act III of Swan Lake. The musical material is based on the version found in Tchaikovsky’s Children’s Album Opus 39 for piano that dates from 1878. The tempo of the first section Andantino in the realisation is 100 quarter note (crotchet) beats to the minute and for the Vivace section the tempo is 120 quarter note beats to the minutes. The voicing of the chord shapes for the acoustic guitar have been edited. For flute players who need an additional challenge there is an intermediate arrangement for the instrument with a piano accompaniment.

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Neapolitan Song guitar key of D 96 bpm 256 kbps

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